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Customer service over the phone and in person is very good. They are very knowledgeable on all RC hobbies. They have very good stock on pretty much everything. If they don't have what u need, they will get it fast. I've had a few things from $10-$1000 shipped to me and never had an issue. Great store, good people. I highly recommend them.“Eleifend ultricies semper convallis pulvinar risus non netus est sapien. Posuere id enim egestas diam. Quis egestas nam enim vitae. Tempor sed orci congue faucibus consequat convallis”

Sam Lucas

Very helpful and specialized staff. Incredible experience...absolutely tops other local RC shops for customer service. Great team! Worth the drive from Oakville. Will only shop here.“Eleifend ultricies semper convallis pulvinar risus non netus est sapien. Posuere id enim egestas diam. Quis egestas nam enim vitae. Tempor sed orci congue faucibus consequat convallis”


Awesome place to shop everyone is very helpful. They are full of suggestions to help you decide on what you need.

Richard H.

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